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At The Roof Doctor, we pride ourselves on delivering Guaranteed Roofing solutions that are carried out according to the Manufacturers specifications.

We specialise in Roof Repairs and Re-roofing to Natural slate, Everite slate, Concrete tiles, Clay tiles, Waterproofing and s...

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Waterproof Your Roof With The Roof Doctor

Your property’s roof is the first line of defence in protecting your building and just about everything you have in it. Over time, all roofs become victims to the wear & tear that ultimately leads to leaks. Our waterproofing Gauteng services provide vari...

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Expert, Affordable Roof Repairs in Gauteng By The Roof Doctor!

In need of roof repairs in Gauteng? You’ve reached the right place! The Roof Doctor repairs all kinds of roofs including damaged, sagging, leaking roofs & ceilings. Roofs are just as important as any other component of your business ...

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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is a really effective way of insulating your home. Most of the energy escapes through the ceilings and roof structure.
You will save on electricity and heating costs too.

The Roof Doctor Gauteng

Gauteng, South Africa

Phone: 082 853 1155


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How Does the Process of Roof Repairs in Gauteng Work?

After you get your inquiry, our roofing contractors will come over and assess your roof. Once this is complete, we will provide a detailed proposal, including images of the problematic areas and our proposed solution. We make sure to get all ...

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Why The Roof Doctor? Why is Roofing Insulation & Re-Roofing in Gauteng Necessary?

There is a more complicated way to address this question, but let’s simplify things. Just like a bouncer who filters those who enter and exit a club, roof insulation does something similar. It prevents the exit of ...

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Roofing Insulation in Gauteng installed by The Roof Doctor- Premier Services

Installing quality roofing insulation allows better control over the heat flow that enters and leaves your home or office. That is why roofing insulation has become compulsory for all new properties in South Africa. Th...

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Roofing Insulation & Re-Roofing

I have specialized in roofing-insulation for over 20 years. If done incorrectly and by unqualified roofers, you could endure thousands of rands of additional costs. Make sure you use a Professional roofing company who specializes in roofing insulation, and who car...

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So why is it so important to make sure that your home ceiling has appropriate insulation?

There are many possible answers to this question, but we at The Roof Doctor like to keep it plain and simple. First of all, the importance of proper ceiling insulation in Gauteng has to do with maximal opti...

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Roofing Contractor in Gauteng

Welcome To The Roof Doctor - Your Roof Repairs Specialist in Johannesburg & Pretoria

I’m Scott Peché, aka The Roof Doctor. I have been dealing with roofs for years now, over 23 years, to be precise. Having encountered most roof problems known to man, I currently know all of the roofing industry’s ins and outs. When it comes to reliable roof repairs, I provide professional, quality roofing solutions at affordable prices. The roof doctor’s work is performed per your needs and in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, thereby ensuring long-term peace of mind.

Specialists in Roof Repairs and Roof Waterproofing
The Roof Doctor offers quality craft, proven innovative designs and methods, using nothing but top-of-the-notch materials and products.

We have managed to build ourselves a reputation of excellence through our ability to offer quality roof and ceiling repairs. Our roofing company prides itself on high standards of personalized customer communication, transparency, and attention.

We like to keep our clients informed throughout the entire repair process, advising our customers on the root problem, condition, and ultimate repair process.

All of our roofing contractors handle the work with the utmost safety, security, and quality control.

All of our roofing company’s staff are disciplined, supervised, discreet, and orderly. Our straightforward approach to problem-solving and the techniques we use are backed up by our extensive roof repairs portfolio that we have gathered throughout the years in the roofing industry.
All of the work we perform is guaranteed

Qualified and competent roofing contractors should only perform roof waterproofing and other roof repairs. The ceiling repairs industry is unfortunately filled with unqualified, unscrupulous, and unreliable workmanship. At the end of the day, common sense on the side of the customer should prevail when choosing a roofing company. With The Roof Doctor, you get a roofing company that is well known in the region for its integrity, honesty, and quality of work. Our customer reviews prove it! 

We Do Roof Maintenance and Roof Repairs

It is advised that every property owner perform regular roof maintenance and repairs when necessary. Ultimately, prevention is a much smart option than having to deal with the problem at hand. Our roofing contractors can perform roof maintenance, roof repairs and roof waterproofing on the following:

    Tile Roods
    Iron Roofs
    Flat Roofs
    Slate Roofs
    Painting Sections
    Fascia Board / Barge Boards

Roof Repairs & Roof Waterproofing By A Leading Roofing Company - The Roof Doctor

Your home’s roof is its first line of defense in protecting your building structure and all of its interior. With time, all roofs suffer from wear & tear effects that can lead to unwanted leaks. Our waterproofing services in Gauteng and the surrounding areas provide numerous benefits for both old and new buildings.

We help:
      Boost your residential or commercial property’s overall value
      Avoid future moisture problems and damage to your property’s interior.
      Prolong your roof structure’s life and save on replacement costs of your roof.

Just think about it this way, ANYTIME a new building is built, waterproofing MUST be performed, unless severe danger is desired. The results of avoiding the crucial step of waterproofing your roof can be dramatic.

The Roof Doctor helps to waterproof your roof effectively by providing top-of-the-line roof waterproofing services by our waterproofing contractors to achieve a lasting result.

Why The Roof Doctor for Roof Repairs and Roof Waterproofing?

There are plenty of reasons why The Roof Doctor has become a strong and reputable name in Gauteng’s waterproofing world. We are famous for our modern tools, new technology, fast turn-around, and honesty in everything we do. We like providing solutions that serve the long term goal of maintaining your roof in adequate condition. We don’t want our clients to pay extra in the future due to secondary roof issues.

Ultimately, if we decide to pick up the roofing job, it’s because we are 100% certain we can complete it in the best way possible, ensuring our client’s satisfaction. We know that by maintaining our integrity and being completely honest with our clients, we promote our reputation’s growth and advertisement by word of mouth.

The Roof Doctor Gauteng
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